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Drilling Rig

Kelly’s OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) Division operates on a global perspective. Whether your requirements are for offshore or land based applications, our extensive inventory ensures on - time delivery to your operation. Kelly OCTG has proven capabilities of efficiently and effectively supporting both large drilling Programs as well as your immediate needs. As a service provider, we manage your requirements with a dedicated Account Administrator to handle material, accessories and logistics to meet your needs.

Kelly OCTG supplies new prime API casing and tubing in seamless, welded, duplex, chrome, alloy and carbon grades from Major Mill Sources. Our product line also includes insulated conductor casing, API sucker rods, and drill pipe in both standard and heavy weight.

The Division’s World Headquarters are in Corona Del Mar, CA with sales offices in Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Bakersfield, CA, Chelmsford, United Kingdom and Bogotá, Colombia.

Storage yards are maintained throughout the major Energy Locations in the United States, Europe and Latin America.