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Hot Deals on Steel Pipe and OCTG


OCTGP: The Market Outlook

The market for oil and gas has undergone a significant shift lately; however, many experts continue to predict an overall pattern of growth which producers and providers of OCTG Pipe appreciate in their highly demanding and competitive sector.

Tags: OCTG


Welded Steel Pipe: Classification and Production Methods

North American clients favor welded steel pipe based on economics, quick availability and a more consistent thickness.

Tags: welded pipe


The NASPD and Steel Pipe Distributors

Steel pipe markets have always been competitive. For producers, a fluctuating market continues to offer challenges. For steel pipe distributors, the challenge is to retain old markets and expand into new ones.

Tags: Steel Pipe Distributor, steel pipe


The Necessity of Water Well Pipe

How and where people get clean water remains a problem in some communities and parts of the world. While some people are able to draw water from city reservoirs or natural springs, others cannot.

Tags: Water well pipe


Oil Field Pipe - Global Uses

The oil and gas industry happens to be one of the first industries where piping and fittings and other mechanical pipe joining systems were installed.

Tags: Oil Field Pipe


Steel Pipe Distributors - Providing Piping Products for Many Uses

Steel is one of the most common and useful materials in the world today, with over a billion tons produced annually.

Tags: Steel Pipe Distributor, Steel Pipe


Upgrade with Seamless Steel Pipe

For anyone that’s ever seen a construction site before, we probably all assume that all steel pipe is the same.

Tags: Steel Pipe, Seamless Steel Pipe


Benefits of Carbon Steel Pipe

Every day, we pass by countless buildings, automobiles, appliances, and machines that are made using carbon steel pipe just like the ones provided by Kelly Pipe.

Tags: Carbon Steel Pipe, Steel Pipe


The Importance of Fusion Bond Pipe

Pipe and piping is an essential component for many businesses, especially the OCTG industry. Carbon steel pipe is commonly used in a wide range of applications and because steel is subject to oxidation and corrosion, the steel must be protected.

Tags: Fusion Bonding, steel pipe


Welded Pipe vs. Seamless Pipe - January 2016

Welded Pipe vs. Seamless Pipe »

Tags: steel Pipe, welded pipe, seamless pipe